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This class is exactly what Yoga is - peaceful, serene, cleansing. See you in the Fall.Mahalo,

Vickie, California

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Gentle Garden Yoga

Jo Amsterdam, teacher

My intention in offering Anahata Yoga is to share this gentle style of Hatha Yoga with all types of bodies, to help bring more inner peace, physical flexibility, brighter inner light, love and joy with all whom are willing to try. Using the breath as we open the Heart Center, we are simultaneously correcting posture, opening the chest, shoulders and lungs, allowing healing energy to flow into and through the body to restore vibrant health, cleanse and enlighten the whole being.

Offering this experience in our unique environment here on Kaua’i and especially in Poipu, is a dream come true for me. Outside in the fresh ocean breezes with the Plumeria Flowers overhead, is a wonderful setting for healing. It can truly be transformational and a lot of fun.

My qualifications include a 500 hour Anahata Teacher Training given by Ana Costa, the founder of Anahata Yoga.

I have been teaching since 2003 in various settings. 


My teacher, Ana Costa, the founder of Anahata Yoga.

Jo Amsterdam, Yoga Instructor

Jo Amsterdam, teacher

The Final Savasana Blessing

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